Oversight Reports

Oversight Reports

Anti Corruption oversight is a vast discipline spanning many industries, governments and themes.  We focus on overseeing the schemes of governments, international organizations and industries that seek to create monopolies that may interfere with or deny human rights protections.  Mainly, we are concerned with identifying and raising awareness about the ubiquitous and dangerous UN-WEF-WHO interference in scientific and political decision making and we seek to offer real solutions to governments about how to address this issue of gross and systematic corruption that threatens society.

Notice: We are re-doing our site and will be posting all the 2022 reports shortly.  The 2023 reports are just starting to be released, beginning with the mid 2023 IHR (2005) Invalidity Report below.

“The Oversight Committee was born out of a necessity for anti corruption transparency and a passion for reason and rule of law”

Jane Miller


Public private partnerships often penetrate governments and negatively influence health and political policies.

Klaus Schwab of the WEF is on camera in 2017 bragging they “penetrate the cabinets of most governments” with their Young Global Leaders.  No global public health good such as health should ever be subject to such monopolistic practices and tendencies as we experienced under the WHO’s spurious declaration of pandemic.  These reports offer ethical and legal guidance in the path toward anti corruption and anti trust violations.

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