Ethics, human rights and anti corruption

We Oversee The Schemes Of Public Institutions and International Organizations

We issue reports to combat corruption and inefficiency

Assess Irregularities and illegalities affecting rights

We work closely with governments to understand and identify their ethical and legal obligations as well as ways to address responsibility.

Address ethics, human rights, corruption and legal issues

The ideas and plans that we’ve assembled will then be brought to life. We help and guide governments to take the first step and set things up in conformity with their international obligations to be in compliance with law.

Recommendations and Reports with legal follow up

Setting up legislations and international agreements is not enough. We help governments think ahead and encourage them to expand strategies with a full-proof plan.

Trustworthy Oversight With No Conflicts

We Are Here to Help!

The Oversight Committee is a project of Interest of Justice institute working to change laws and create unique anti corruption pacts and initiatives for the monitoring of international protection of human rights.   To do this we poll the public and government top officials on important societal issues and issue reports that reflect the concerns of the people regarding government public and private partnerships, international organizations non responsiveness, imbalance of power and failures to uphold human rights obligations and we work closely with governments and international organizations to oversee their obligations are met.  YOU are invited to join The Oversight Committee as we attempt to change national & international pandemic laws before the Globalists at the UN-WEF-WHO !

What we do?

We Oversee The Schemes Of Public Institutions and International Organizations. The Oversight Committee are well-experienced ethics and international law professionals with minds that cut into the core issues and we offer innovative solutions in our approach to corruption and violations of human rights problems.

Passion & Commitment
Honesty & Openness
Dedicated Committee with Public Participation
Practical Approach backed by ethics and law

Giving Power Back To The People!

The Common Law Is The Will Of Mankind Issued By The Life Of The People