About The Oversight Committee

We Help Governments And Citizens Combat Corruption & Monopolistic Practices!

Corruption is rising and so is the cost to human rights. The future of humanity is relying on our generation to strengthen anti corruption oversight.

Knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss to the corruptors that have got away with wrongdoing in the dark shadows. We issue reports to help governments understand the threats posed by systemic and monopolistic corruption.

Moreover, our mission is to help offer practical initiatives, pacts and recommendations that can assist States, International Organizations and business entities to be in compliance with their legal, ethical and international obligations.

Facilitating anti corruption and transparency initiatives with meaningful participation and strict oversight monitoring is the cornerstone of a just, equitable and fair society with health, financial safety and justice.


Bring clarity to the priorities, strategies and opportunities within businesses and governments regarding their transparency and anti corruption obligations.


Through our reports we aim to enlighten the dark corners of government and big business to illuminate the way forward into a corruption free and much better world.